>>Welcome to the Golden New Health Institute

Golden NHC is professional training organization which directional trains professionals and operation management talent for Golden Group and its subsidiary body. The main targets and tasks is directional trains talent for investment and management all kinds of projects, such as professionals and operation talent, new product development talent, venture investment project managers, and franchisees managers, etc. Recruit and train talents who is suitable for the alliance projects and investment projects through system to promote the development of the project and ensure the success.
Golden NHC advocate human resources management new concept is "mining potential talent, through comprehensive training, casting excellent employee”, is the cradle of training the future excellent talents, through a variety of feasible way to find potential talents, using powerful faculty, directional train and cast future excellent professionals, new product development personnel and venture investment project managers, continuously convey fresh blood for Golden group, to support the smooth development of the project.
Golden NHC originates from the Las Vegas, United States, has the experience level superb faculty, is the world's first-class level training institutions for professional talents and management talents.